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Posted on October 5, 2008 by Art Feierman

HC720 Menus

Epson continues to use the same overall menu look and feel, that they've been using for a number of years. The menus change slightly, but Epson has a nice, logical system that is pretty easy to navigate.

The first menu is the Picture menu, shown here. The first item is the Color mode which when selected brings up a menu showing the seven color modes, seen in the second image.

They are organized from top to bottom, pretty much by brightness. The brightest is Dynamic, then Living Room, and so on. Theater and Theater Black 1 are very close to each other in brightness. I'm not sure about sRGB, I ignored that setting.

The Input Adjust lets you control brightness and contrast, as well as white and black levels.

Further down on the Picture menu is Color Adjustment. Here's where you find the controls for gamma, RGB, and RGBCMY, all shown below.

HC720 menu

HC720 colormode menu

HC720 image adjust menu

HC720 coloradj gamma menu

HC720 coloradj RGB menu

HC720 coloradj RGBCMY menu

HC720 menu

HC720 settings menu

HC720 settings operation menu

Click to enlarge. So close.

The Settings menu, shown here controls keystone correction, various user controls like adding a personalized logo, as well as projection mode (front, rear, ceiling, etc.)

Inside the Settings menu, is the Operation sub-menu, shown below. the Operations menu includes a sleep mode (to shut down the projector when there's no active source), the 12 volt screen trigger control, child lock, and the high altitude fan mode.

HC720 User Memory Settings

Wow, once again, Epson leads the pack. There are nine savable memory settings! That should keep everyone in the world satisfied. When you modify the settings for, say, Living Room mode, it will put that in one of the memories, and name it Living Room

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