Epson Home Cinema 705HD Projector Calibration

We calibrate each home theater that is reviewed. The Epson Home Cinema 705HD receives a basic calibration. It has less color controls than we find on most projectors, and that results in less ability to perfect the color balance. Nonetheless, the Epson starts out with pretty good color, and our settings changes, though minor, do further improve color accuracy.

Color Temperature

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Dynamic2132 @ 6674
Living Room1895 @ 7261
Theater1571 @ 7006
Game1850 @ 7392

The Epson Home Cinema 705HD‘s out of the box color in Theatre mode is very good, but a bit cool (slightly more blue strength than red).

Here is the same data as found in the Brightness section, which shows the white (100 IRE) temperature for each mode (those in bold are the two modes you are most likely to be using, and the only two we calibrated:

Color Temp over IRE Range:
TheaterColumn Content
30 IRE6902K
50 IRE6797K
80 IRE7033K
100 IRE7006K

The Home Cinema 705HD has only a single control for each primary color – Red, Green, Blue. Most projectors, but not all, offer two controls for each, often called Gain and Bias. With two controls you end up being able to tune the projector a bit more tightly.

These are essentially the same settings we started with. Once we attempt RGB, we should have an overall lower average color temp. As it stands, the colors look pretty good, just slightly thin on reds, as the average 450K shift would indicate.

Basic Settings

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DynamicLiving RoomTheaterGame
Contrast = (0)(0)-2(0)-5
Brightness = (0)(0)(0)(0)(0)
Color =(0)(5)(-5) -10(5)
Tint =(0)(0)(0)(0)
Color Temp =(Medium)(High)(Medium)(High)

Lamp Mode: Full power for all measurements, and settings.

RGB Settings

So far Mike has not adjusted the RGB as noted above.. As of this writing, he had not because the manual described the separate R, G, and B, as saturation controls. We’re going to take another crack at it a couple of days.

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