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Epson Home Cinema 705HD - Image Quality5

Posted on January 22, 2010 by Art Feierman

With a projector with exceptional black levels, the nearest non-blacks are still extremely dark, and more easily lost to sight, especially if there are bright areas nearby. Look to the details in the wood in the shed, and the free standing structure on the left.

Click on left thumbnail image for the Epson, Sanyo PLV-Z60 in the center, and the right for the Optoma HD71.





Our last comparison uses the night train scene from Casino Royale. Look to the trees and shrubs on the right, especially just above the tracks. The first image is the Epson, second, the older Epson 700, then the InFocus X9, the fourth is the Sanyo PLV-Z60, and the last one is from the Optoma HD71. (Sorry, the 705HD image is a little darker than most)

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