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Epson Home Cinema 705HD - Image Quality-1

Posted on January 22, 2010 by Art Feierman

Shadow Detail Performance

As is often typical of projectors that lack great black level performance, shadow detail is very good. With "blacks" elevated to dark gray, near blacks end up a touch lighter. That makes those details actually easier to spot than on a projector with much better blacks. The reason is that the near blacks may well be there, but are much, much darker than on the inferior projector. Darker equals harder to notice.

Regardless, the Epson Home Cinema 705HD does an excellent job on shadow detail.


Next is this very dark scene from Space Cowboys. It is a good one for checking out both shadow detail and black level performance. All the images are seriously overexposed for that purpose. Don't worry about contrast or skin tones as they tend to get exaggerated on long time exposures on dark images like this one. Look at the shades in the back for shadow details. Consider, that some that have very good shadow detail do not seem to do particularly black, blacks.


Let's take another look at shadow detail abilities, this time compared to one DLP and one more expensive 3LCD projector:

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