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Epson Home Cinema 705HD - Image Quality-7

Posted on October 8, 2013 by Art Feierman

I should note, that with lamp on full power, the Epson does get a little noisy, in fact it claims 34db, which is, well, a bit noisy! Actually, it's only 2-3 db louder than a number of DLP projectors, some costing many times the price. In low power lamp mode, the 705HD is slightly quieter than those same other projectors, except that the Epson is still going to be brighter than those even if it's in low power, and they are not. The maximum fan noise levels are nothing to worry about if you are watching sports, or a good sitcom. If you are demanding dead silence while viewing quiet night scenes where the only noise are some crickets chirping in the background, then yes, the Epson can be loud!All the usual gorgeous HDTV content, such as Discovery HD, SyFiHD, Travel Channel HD, etc. look really good, but it was there I missed the 1080 resolution more than even sports. That of course from a projector junkie. For the folks this projector is targeted at, most will "ooo and ahhh" at those same Discovery HD images on the 705HD, as I do when I see them on a razor sharp 1080p DLP projector. In other words, the regular cineplex looks darn good, until you see the same flick in IMAX.

Enough! The bottom line: When it comes to HDTV and Sports this Epson light canon (who's primary competition in brightness is the more expensive Panasonic PT-AX200U), has the brightness, and a good looking image. The Home Cinema 705HD makes an excellent low cost, entry level projector for sports and your TV, HDTV.

OK, with that understood, lets see how bright the Epson really is, and how it performs in other areas, as well.

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