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Epson Home Cinema 705HD - Image Quality-6

Posted on January 22, 2010 by Art Feierman

Home Cinema 705HD Projector: Performance, HDTV and Sports

In other words, it's a great, inexpensive projector for sports viewing!

First three views of my room, with some shades open as much as I have tried before with any other home theater projectors, and it still did pretty well.

In slightly preferred Livingroom mode over Dynamic for most sports viewing, even though Dynamic was closer to 6500K. Green was a bit better in balance with red and blue, with Livingroom mode.

The image was bright and dynamic, lots of wow factor. Colors on hdtv sports were rich, even with more than a little ambient light.

Of course, as a 720p resolution projector, the image isn't as sharp as what you would get with a 1080p projector, but, hey, that's why the Home Cinema 705HD is an inexpensive projector. For twice the price, in the Epson lineup, you would get a 1080p projector, one that is bright, but still not a match for this one, but with a lot more features, and placement flexibility. For around $1000 or a little less, you can get an entry level 1080p projector, with some similar features, but not as bright.

you can spend more, for more sharpness, but, you know what? I watched two full NFL playoff games on the Epson 705HD, and it worked out just dandy. All I had to do, to remind myself that it was sharp enough, was to turn on my JVC (with the shades open as I had them for the 705HD), and wince for a few seconds at the very sharp, but badly washed out JVC image, that comes from having less than half the lumens

All the images below were taken with more window based ambient light in the room, than I would ever dare to have, if I was watching my far less bright JVC projector. Still they look pretty good, barely washed out at all.

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