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Fall Projection Summit 2021

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Check out our latest projection series, our 2021 Fall Projection Summit, where we sit down with some of the best names in the business and talk to them about their latest line-up of projectors, screens, technology, accessories, and more!

We would like to thank our sponsors for this event, AVPro Edge and Murideo.

AVPro Edge manufactures cutting edge Audio Video distribution equipment, specializing in 4K with HDR. To check out their full line up, visit their site here:

Murideo is the trusted name in calibration, testing and troubleshooting tools built for the Manufacturer, Calibrator, Pro and Residential Audio/Video Integrator. Learn more here:


In this session, we talk to Brett Bjorkquist from Kaleidescape about three new Terra movie server products that have just been added to their product lineup.

The Terra movie servers are ideal for customers looking to invest in a Kaleidescape system that can instantly play their favorite movies, television shows, and music events via multiple Strato C players throughout their homes.

Elite Screens

Whether you are looking for a projection screen for a home theater, meeting room or a tradeshow Elite Screens has you covered. Jamie Abrego from Elite Screens Inc. stops by to discuss new screen offerings from each of their three divisions.


In this session, we are joined by Kenny Tang from Epson as we discuss their EqiqVision Mini lineup of portable smart projectors including the award-winning EF12.

The Epson EF12 is a smart, Full HD (1,920 x 1,080), laser-powered 1000 ANSI lumen home projector that offers all the benefits of a Smart flat panel TV while delivering the immense viewing experience that only a projection system can provide

Salamander Designs

Join Chris Discotto from Salamander Designs as we discuss their huge selection of custom designed A/V furniture created specifically to house an ultra-short-throw laser projector.

AVPro Edge

Join Matt Murray from AVPro Global as we discuss their latest cutting-edge audio/video distribution equipment, that specializes in 4K HDR including their new AC-MX42X-AUHD which is an 8K compatible matrix switcher that can be used to distribute up to four 8K/60 or 4K/120 video sources to two displays.

Whether it is for a residential or commercial application, AVPro Edge has a long-distance HDMI or video distribution solution to fit your needs.


XGIMI projectors deliver great performance at an affordable price. Join Andres Gomez as we discuss the XGIMI Aura which is the first 4K Ultra Short Throw Laser projector they have introduced in the US market.


In this session, we sit down with Mark Major from Hisense to discuss their new flagship L9G TriColor Laser TV. Hisense started the Laser TV category and this is their fourth generation of Laser TVs. This fourth generation Laser TV leverages all of their vast experience in this market to create a best-in-class product.

AVPro Edge - Demystifying HDMI 2.1 Cables

We get a lot of questions about HDMI 2.1 such as: What are the benefits and What type of cables do I need?

Joining us for this session, is Matt Murray head of engineering for AVPro Global, as we break down how HDMI cables work and how does an ultra-high speed cable (48 GBPS) differ from a high speed cable (18 GBPS). In addition to 8K60 and 4K120, we also look at the other benefits of HDMI 2.1.


Panasonic is one of the leading manufacturers of education and installation class projectors. In this session, we are joined by Scott Wellington from Panasonic to discuss their two new Laser projectors, the PT-RDQ10 and PT-MZ880.


Join Patrick Siebert from JVC as he introduces the world's first 8K/60p capable Laser home theater projector line up.


In this session, we sit down with Rob Brennan from Sony to discuss their new flagship projector, the VPL-GTZ380, also known as "The Raptor" - the ultimate home theater projector.


Murideo makes the test tools you need to optimize the performance of an A/V system. In this session, we are joined by Jason Dustal to discuss some of Murideo's most notable products including their latest 8K compatible (HDMI 2.1) video generators and analyzers.

Murideo: Tips on how to Improve the Picture Quality of any Projector or TV Using Their Free Test Patterns

In this session, Jason Dustal from Murideo (the leading manufacturer of video test pattern generators and analyzers) shows how to use the free video test patterns available on their website and their YouTube channel to make any TV or Projector look better.

Texas Instruments

There is a growing number of DLP projectors being introduced that utilize RGB LED light sources. In this session, we are joined by Veronica Marques from Texas Instruments to discuss the picture quality, installation, and reliability benefits of combining LED light sources with their DMD chips.

Thank you to all the manufacturers who took part in our Fall Projection Summit and thank you again to our sponsors AVPro Edge and Murideo. We will see you in the spring for our next Projection Summit!

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