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Hitachi CP-X445 – Setup

Hitachi CP-X445 - Setup

Setup is straight forward. Turn it on, plug in your sources, select the source from the remote (or the top of the control panel). If the projector has any difficulty getting the best image off of a source (such as a data signal from a higher resolution computer, or a wide screen laptop), all you have to do is hit the Auto button on the remote. I didn’t encounter any sources that actually required me to do that, but it is there – just in case. One thing found on a number other projectors in this brightness range, is discreet switching between sources – that is having separate buttons for each data and video source. This allows direct switching without “passing through” inputs with no sources connected (blue or black screens, and seconds lost). With separate buttons you can aways go from the source you are on, to the one you want directly and quickly. At least the Hitachi has separate buttons for data and video, which, for most people, (who only have one of each source), will make switching fast.