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InFocus IN3914 Projector Highlights

Posted on October 2, 2013 by Art Feierman
  • Able to handle fair amount of ambient light
  • Really high contrast ratio for a business/education projector of 3200:1
  • Quiet operation at 35 dB in Bright Mode
  • 2 x 10 Watt speakers so you can use the projector as your PA system as well
  • Interactive using the LiteBoard technology and the Wand
  • Ultra short throw so you can place the projector very close to the screen and still acheive a large image

InFocus IN3914 Projector Special Features

LiteBoard technology that allows you to interact with the projector. Much like a wireless mouse but with more features.

Ultra short throw lense so you can achieve a large image with the projector only being a few feet away. Helps reduce the chance of shadowing the projector while presenting with the LiteBoard interactive Wand. From just 30 inches away you will achieve a 71 inch diagonal image.

Ability with LiteShow technology to connect up to 32 computers over a wired or wireless network. Display one at a time or 4 via split screen.

Dynamic Messaging System (DSM). An IT director can send a pop up message to all projectors connected to the network. Must like an broadcasted instant message.

Long lamp life. 4000 hours in Eco Mode, and 2500 hours in the Bright Mode


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