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InFocus IN3916 Setup and Menu

Posted on October 2, 2013 by Art Feierman
Setting up the projector is pretty straight forward. There is a front foot in the center of the projector to adjust its height. This does cause a bit of keystoning if used so use it sparingly. Keystoning can degrade the picture a bit if you decide to use the projectors keystone correction. The image offset is very slight with the IN3916. give or take about 2.8 inches above the lens center line. This offset varies depending on the size image you project, but the 2.8 inches I refer to is if you were projecting an image about 40 inches tall.


The internal menu system for the Infocus IN3914 and IN3916 is actually incredibly easy to navigate. Everything is clearly labled and easy to find. It is not particularly interesting, but finding certain settings is very simple and after just a few minutes of use getting around is easy. The menu will allow you to change presentation modes, sources, manage computers if you using the LitePort accessory and even control the output of individual colors. All in all, a pretty well laid out menu system that is easily navigated by either the remote control or the top of the projector.

InFocus IN3916 Remote Control

The remote is really just an copy of the control panel that you will find on the top of the projector. It takes some getting use to since the buttons are not discernible by their shape, size and grouping. This is the remotes only flaw. One thing I did find useful is the fact that you can navigate through all the color modes very quite easily without going into the menu system. This will keep your presentation moving smoothly if you should need to change modes for different types of presentation content

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