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InFocus IN3916 Projector - Performance

Posted on October 2, 2013 by Art Feierman

IN3916 Projector - Brightness

The Infocus IN3916 delivers a manufacturer stated 2700 lumens of brightness. The actual lumen output varied quite a bit but that was only due to the presentation setting you were in. The IN3916 has a variety of presentation modes to suit a variety of environments. Each of these modes changes brightness and often the color of the image. Typically you will either present in Presentation Mode, or to save lamp life you probably will use Eco Mode. In Bright Mode the IN3916 comes really close to the manufacturers stated lumens by producing 2573 of light output. However, when I dropped down to Presentation Mode the lumens produced were 1750. Presentation Mode is the default setting. Below is a look at the projector in Bright Mode. We will move on to Eco mode and the the various other modes after you view the images.


Eco Mode dropped brightness considerably to 962 lumens. Usually the drop in brightness from the projectors Standard Bright Mode and Eco mode is a about 1/3, but this proved to be about 1/2, but it 962 lumens is still quite bright and still quite acceptable for most environments. Even well lit rooms. The other Modes are Video, Blackboard and Whiteboard and they all showed drops in brightness except for Blackboard mode which seemed to really bring the projector up in brightness to a level that was unexpected. It actually measured brighter than specified by the manufacturer. A full 2800 lumens. Wasn't surprised by this since it really has to compensate for the darker background. Using this mode to achieve more brightness on a regular surface like a white wall would not be recommended since the colors change as well to compensate. Also, you will more than likely burn out your projector lamp a lot sooner.

Beige Mode and Whiteboard mode dropped the lumens a bit. Beige Mode measured out at 1645 lumens and Whiteboard Mode produced 1462 lumens. Still pretty powerful and suitable for well lit environments. Overall the InFocus was a solid performer with a very high brightness level. Just about any environment would be no problem for this projector.

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