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InFocus IN3916 DLP Projector - Review Summary

Posted on October 2, 2013 by Art Feierman

InFocus IN3916 Projector: Bottom Line

Ultimately, the IN3916 from InFocus turned out to be a very well designed projector that closely matched the manufacturers claims of producing 2700 lumens in it brightest mode. Color reproduction out of the box was surprisingly good. A few adjustments might have to be made through the menu system to achieve the exact colors you might be trying to recreate, but that could be said about all projectors.

Being that the IN3916 is a ultra short throw projector, it is not ideal for all presentation scenarios, but for those that want to interact with the presented image, it is definitely a great choice. Its interactive capabilities using the wand are more limited than some of the interactive projectors made by Epson or SmartBoard, but one might find this simplicity an advantage and not a limitation. The Wand that InFocus has created acts a lot like a remote mouse, with the exception that you point the wand tip at the screen as if you were almost drawing with a laser pointer. This ads greater of control in my opinion over your typical remote mouse where wrist movement and a gyro would be your means of controlling the mouse.

The video capabilities were also pretty impressive. Not surprised that the video would be as good as it was since DLP's can definitely put out a great video image, but the IN3916's ability to handle dark scenes and still show a fair amount of detail would make the IN3916 a good choice in classrooms and boardrooms where video presentations are just as frequent as PowerPoint presentations.

The menus and setup, although very in-depth, do not leave the user overwhelmed. InFocus seems to have done a nice job naming menu functions in such a way that the user won't get confused about what does what. The backlit control panel on the projector is also a nice touch since it can sometimes be difficult to see exactly which button you are about to hit when you are presenting. They really have thought of it all. As mentioned earlier in this review, positioning of the projector is going to be important. Ultra short throw projectors really do need to be mounted correctly to achieve the most optimal image. However, it mounted correctly the ultra show throw is absolutely great for those that want to interact with the screen since you won't cast much a shadow over your presentation.

One final note would be sound. With the 2 x 10 watt speakers you more than likely will not need a PA system. Just plug the laptop or DVD player directlty into the projector for very adequate sound that should fill a nice size classroom or small auditorium

InFocus IN3916 Projector: Pros

  • Ultra short throw so you can present up close to the screen without creating a large shadow
  • You can use the Wand from far away. Great for being able to travel around the room and present
  • Easy setup with no complicated calibration
  • No special surface required to be able to draw since the Wand is easy to point and draw with without touching the screen
  • Filter free technology so no filter to clean or replace
  • Can be projected on different color surfaces by selecting preset color modes
  • Sharp image even when projecting higher than native resolutions
  • Control panel is backlit and easily readable. All of the projectors functions can be controlled without the remote
  • Can be controlled through a web browser using LAN RJ45 port
  • Excellent 5 year limited parts and labor warranty

InFocus IN3916 Projector: Cons

  • The ultra short throw may not be ideal if you can't mount the projector close to the screen
  • Must be positioned very precisely to achieve the best image
  • Not as portable as most ultra portable projectors
  • Lamp replacement is a little more difficult than most projectors, but lamp is still replaceable without taking the projector down from the ceiling
  • No special software that allows you to easily highlight over PowerPoint presentations or illustrations like other interactive projector solutions often provide
  • Computer and projector must be connected via USB for the the Wand to work

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