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InFocus IN3916Projector - Image Quality

Posted on October 2, 2013 by Art Feierman

November - Anthony Arrigo

InFocus IN3916 Color & Image Quality

The technology now used in InFocus DLP projectors has come a long way. It used to be common to switch on a DLP projector for the first time and immediately notice that certain colors just weren't right. The problem colors were yellow and red. Yellow would become a sort of a mustard color and red tended to shift towards orange. These issues were primarily only visible when presenting primary colors and when you were in certain color modes for PowerPoint presentation. Showing video from a DVD or VCR seemed to not cause these issues even if some of the scenes show strong primary colors. With the advancements, InFocus DLP projectors and a lot of other manufacturers of DLP projector have all but eliminated this problem.

Image Quality

Image quality I have to say was excellent. Text was sharp and crisp, but I did notice that you do have to have the projector perfectly setup or blurring can occur. Basically everything needs to be perfectly perpendicular. The ultra short throw lens means slight tilts to the left or the right can cause very nicely focused areas of the screen and some softer areas. An easy thing to remedy when doing your setup. Standard text sizes looked great and were very readable. Having the projector accept higher resolution signals beyond the projectors 1280x800 resolution proved to be successful in that it still produced a very readable image assuming you were using a type either 12pt or larger

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