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NEC NP-MC372X Classroom Projector Review – Performance: Brightness, Image Noise, Audible Noise


NEC lists two different brightness specification for the MC372X. It is listed as a 3,700 lumens projector with a peak center output of 3,800 lumens. Just how close did the MC372X come to hitting its target 3,700 lumens? I took 3-4 readings about 15-20% out from the center of the lens which usually gives a pretty good approximation of ANSI lumens. At full wide angle I measured the MC372X in its brightest picture mode, HIGH-BRIGHT, with the ECO Mode set to OFF.

At wide zoom, High-Bright Picture Preset mode.

NEC MC372X Brightness: 3872 Lumens

The MC372X measured 3,872 lumens which was slightly above NEC’s brightness claim. For the seven available modes, I also measured them at mid-zoom since it is common for a projector to be zoomed in a bit when installed.

Brightness at mid-zoom

Color Mode Lumens
High-Bright 3802
Presentation 3208
Video 2563
Movie 2495
Graphic 2542
sRGB 2376


The NEC NP-MC382X has a claimed dynamic contrast ratio of 16,000:1. Like most business and education projectors, the MC38X’s black levels where closer dark grey than pure black. The MC382X is an entry level classroom projector so you can’t expect the black to rival a home theater projector. I would call the NEC NP-MC382W’s black levels a medium-dark grey. In the average classroom which normally has some ambient light, the black level is good enough Blacks are recognizable as blacks, and that’s good enough for most classrooms.


The fan noise produce by MC372X was on average with other compact 3,700 lumen classroom projectors. The NEC MC372X produces 29dB in Eco Mode and 37dB in high power. While I have reviewed quieter business projectors, I never found the fan noise from the MC372X to be distracting. In most classrooms the noise would be unnoticeable especially when the MC372X is in ECO mode.