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Optoma GT760 Projector - Physical Tour 1

Posted on December 27, 2013 by Art Feierman

Overview of Hardware

Although the white casing of the GT760 is indicative of it being made for a ceiling install, I find it to be better suited as a table-mounted “projector on the go” unless you are planning to install this in your conference room.  The main reasons are its portability, and the manually adjustable focus. The GT760 is pretty lightweight when compared to the typical HT projector. This makes it ideal to stash along with a collapsible projection screen when you need the space. This alone has a huge value factor for the gamers lair.

Since your typical gamer’s demographic is generally people under 30, there is a high likelihood that they are either living in a rented space, dormitory, barracks, etc. as stated earlier. Therefore, don’t get any ambitious installation plans over this just yet. The adjustable focus is so simple that my 10-year old figured it out by herself. (She dialed it in nicely, BTW.) However, it’s never fun to make manual adjustments on a ceiling mounted projector. This is probably a non-issue to many but for some reason, it really messes with my OCD, especially when I slightly nudge it off axis in the process.

End note on the subject, it has a ±40° vertical keystone correction that will accommodate you nicely in either a ceiling or tabletop installation. The weight is only 5.9 lbs. which isn’t bad for a compact projector that puts out this much light. Its physical dimensions are 11.3” wide, 3.9” high and 9.6” deep making it an easy armful but not cumbersome by any means for what it is.

There is also a single 2W speaker built-in.


Above are some of the main menus for the Optoma GT760 projector.

Control Panel

Lastly the top of the projector houses the control panel for the power, keystone adjustment and the full menu/settings. It was so easy to operate, that I seldom used the remote for the tabletop array I was working with.  Quick touch, easy fix. I relied on the remote from other locations in the room here and there. However, the manual focus and control pad were literally right in front of me as I played so I made better use of that which was immediately at hand.

Bubble Lens

Starting from the front, you’ll notice that his is a “bubble lens” short throw projector. Now these can be your best friend or your worst nightmare depending on the environment that you’ll be watching movies or playing games in. If there is space on your coffee table a couple of feet from the screen, you’re fine. If you have that “perfect spot” across the room, the image will cover your entire wall instead of fit your screen. In addition to that, the IR sensor is located at the front which is typical of your everyday business projectors.

There is no zoom lens, so to fill a 100" diagonal 16:10 screen (for computer games), then the front of the lens is 41 inches back from the screen. It does have a digital zoom that lets you enlarge or shrink the image within the projected frame.

If you're using a 16:9 source, such as a blu-ray player, the lens needs to be about 43.5 inches back to fill a 16:9 area.

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The Rear: Inputs and Outputs

The rear of the projector housed the input connections. The follow a pretty typical format found in many low-cost business projectors. From left to right over the power socket, there is a USB connector for the remote mouse function when used with a PC.  A single HDMI connector is next. The norm is for there to be 2 connections but the GT760 only has one. It’s not what I’d prefer but it isn’t a deal-breaker either. However, this is a BIG deal to some so you should know about it going in. Next, there is an S-Video Input Connector , VGA Out along with a VGA 1 & 2 YPbPr Connector, 9-pin RS 232 connection and 3.5mm mini jack audio input and output which again, is pretty standard.

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