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Optoma GT760 Projector - Picture Quality 2

Posted on December 27, 2013 by Art Feierman


The manufacturer suggests that the GT760 is ideal for presenting an image that may be sized at anything from 69 to 300 inches. That sounds about right. I stretched it far beyond the capacity of my 84” portable screen but would still be confident about projecting on a bigger surface for large group get-togethers. This would be especially true during the summertime and holiday events.

The manufacturer specs indicate that the GT760 has a brightness of 3400 lumens. Although any industry expert will tell you that there is a noted discrepancy between the actual and stated brightness, the GT760 holds its own in this category as small business projectors like it typically do.

Lamp Life

In addition to this, the lamp life is admirably long with 6500 hours in eco mode and 4500 hours on normal mode. To create a perspective, a 40-hour a week employee will log about 2000 work hours a year. This lamp will average from twice to triple that time and then cost around $150-200 to replace. Let’s see a flat-panel TV beat that.

Beware of the Aura

Finally, I put out the lights and put the projector on the Studiotek 130. Color was clear and so was the contrast. However, I did encounter an annoying highlight or aura that appeared especially outlining flesh tones as illustrated here (note the glowing outline). The good news is that I only noticed it when running still frames. I really had to look hard for it during standard run time.

Cinematic Performance

Flesh tones are pretty good as well as the other colors as seen in Casino Royale.

Brightness Across Modes

After going over the test dinks and Casino Royale, I switched to white screen and  ran my modes. These include Movie, SRGB, Blackboard, Bright, and Presentation.  Since the native format of the GT760 is 16:10, I put up an 80” by 50” image and evaluated it on every mode.  Keep in mind, however, that I am working with a dome lens at an angle when recording measurements so there is a plus or minus factor ranging from 5 to 10% of my readings.

In movie mode, I recorded 1708 lumens. SRGB was 1059. Blackboard gave me brightness readings of 2904 lumens while Bright gave me readings in the neighborhood of 3570 lumens to which I hold a reasonable degree of skepticism about.

Remember, the measurements were conducted at an angle against a bubble-lens short throw projector. Even though it’s possible to get a ballpark estimate, it is not an exact science. Lastly, I achieved a reading of 2916 lumens in presentation mode.

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