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Optoma GT760 Projector - Summary

Posted on December 27, 2013 by Art Feierman

The Bottom Line

The end result of my experience with this is that, while it’s not the Mercedes S-class  of projectors, it reminded me of how fun an improvised big-screen at home is supposed to be. The setup process was painlessly easy. Although I did get around to reading the manual for the benefit of the review, I was able to operate it on the right settings just fine by using common sense alone.

As is the norm with office projectors, it’s smaller, brighter and the fan is noticeably noisier.  That being said the overall contrast and picture quality was tolerably good to the eyes of someone who spends his life working with AV gear.

Also, when I introduced the experience to a large group of people, they were so delighted with the “bigger-than-life” image that sprung up in a few minutes to care about any of the minutiae that those of us who work with installations fret so much about. This product brought a smile to my face. It gave me a chance to create a fun environment for a lot of people and ultimately, I think this is why customers will keep this product in mind for the holiday season.

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