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Optoma GT760 Projector - Physical Tour 2

Posted on December 27, 2013 by Art Feierman


The casing is white but that really isn’t any kind of deterrent to a gamer. It will go well with the typical home interior colors on the rare occasions it will be ceiling mounted. The rest of the time, it will occupy a place of honor on any tabletop.

Hardware Features

The Optoma GT760 comes with a real basic hardware package. In addition to the projector, you get an AC power cord, remote with batteries, and a lens cap. Since it doesn’t take a great stretch of the imagination to get what a lens cap and power cord looks like, let’s skip to the remote.

Remote Control

The  BR-5048N wireless remote comes in a small package (4.75” x 2” x 1.5”) which is problematic for a guy like me who is always losing the remote. However, smaller is neater and those who like a tidy home will appreciate the smaller package. Since The GT760 was intended to be an office projector, the remote has a wireless mouse option which is a nice touch. Just because college people do this all the time, I ran the Big Lebowski off my laptop via the HDMI to the projector. I wasn’t expecting much with a non-blu ray so I focused on the control options instead. It’s a cool extra feature many won’t use but other computer geeks with eventually get around to playing with. In addition to that, the remote has a 4-directional arrow pad  followed by a 3-column keypad. There is nothing obfuscating about this product. The features are pretty self-explanatory and easily accessible. Unless  one is up for calibrating the projector, little if any tutorial is needed for the end user to figure out this product.

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3D Glasses

This projector uses active 3D glasses, as do all home projectors that have 3D. These are DLP Link glasses, as is the standard fare for DLP projectors, although more expensive DLP projectors often may now offer newer technologies for 3D. What I know about the 3D comes from the manual, as I was not sent any 3D glasses. If they would have sent me the glasses, I’d tell you more. However, I have no reason to pull your leg over it, so instead of lying about how good/(or not) its 3D function is, I’ll defer to the manual instead.  The Optoma BG-ZD301 3D glasses are compatible with DLP® 3D projection systems. Each pair gets about 60-hours of use before needing a recharge. Pretty good buy at $99 but I beg to differ with the website on calling them being “stylish”.  I have yet to see a pair of 3-D glasses that makes a person look any better than one of Biff Tannen’s sidekicks or a renegade from a 1980’s New Wave video.

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