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Optoma GT760 Projector – Projection Surface

DISCLOSURE: For those who know me, I am the marketing manager for Elite Screens, which is a projection screen company. However, in the spirit of impartiality, I try to mix it up and not always rely on my own brand of screens.

Below I’ll describe the projection screen surface I’m working with, and then you can read on about how the GT760 performs knowing our setup.

The Surface in this Review

For this test in the subsequent pages, my portable screen was a 1.0 gain portable unit from Epson. The “fixed-wall” screen was a Studiotek 130 (1.3 gain) white screen from Stewart Filmscreen.  I tried 2 different projection surfaces in my evaluation. One was simply to test the convenience  of having a cheap, portable projection screen and how good it looks during regular use. The Studiotek was used for evaluating the actual brightness performance of the screen.