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Optoma PK301 Projector - Physical Tour

Posted on September 2, 2010 by Art Feierman


One of the most interesting characteristics of the Optoma PK301 is the fact that it actually looks like a mini projector. Most Picos actually look like cellphones or have totally unique designs. The Optoma is slightly larger than most most, likely because of its strong resemblance to a standard projector. This size comes with one advantage and that is brightness. 50 Lumens in Bright Mode. Out of the Pico projectors I have reviewed, the PK301 had the brightest and best overall image. However, keep in mind under the standard battery power it produces a manufacturer rated 20 lumens. The projector must be plugged in to AC power to take advantage of the higher lumens. An expansion battery pack can be purchased allowing you to still produce 50 lumens without AC power.

Starting from the front you will see the lens on the right side. Like most standard projectors it has a focus knob on the lens. The front also is an exhaust screen for the heat developed by the LED lamp. The rear of the projector houses all the interface elements. From left to right you will find a Universal input output port for a variety of sources. Sources include VGA from your laptop, a signal from your cellphone such as the iphone. Special adapters are required. Next is a mini HDMI port for HD video. There is also a DC input which will necessary if you want to run the projector in its Bright Mode setting. Although there is a .5 watt on-board speaker, the projector comes with a mini dim audio input and output. If your planning to load a presentation into the projectors internal memeory, you also can use the Micro USB port or the MicroSD card slot on the side of the projector.

Control Panel

Controlling the PK301 has been made very easy because of the intuitive control panel on the top of the projector. It should be noted that although this projector is larger than most Picos, its control panel is not all that more featureful than Pico projectors half its size. The control is backlit and allows the user to control all aspects of the projector.


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