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Optoma PK301 - Review Summary2

Posted on September 2, 2010 by Art Feierman

Optoma PK301 Projector: 20 Questions Answered

1) What is the native resolution and what is the max resolution?

Native Resolution is WSVGA(854x480). Does not accept higher resolutions signals from a laptop.

2) Largest image you can project and how far do you have to be to achieve it?

You can achieve a 120 inch diagonal image and you must be 8.2 feet from the screen.

3) Standard battery life?

Less than one hour in Standard Mode. .

4) Does it have internal memory, and how much?

Yes, has a 28MB internal memory. The microSD supports up to 16MB cards.
5) What light source technology does the projector use?

Uses LED light and lasts an estimated 20,000 hours.

6) What is the native aspect ratio and does it support other aspect ratios?

16:9 but does support 4:3 aspect ratios.
7) What is the throw ratio?


8) Does it have a remote control?

Yes, it comes with a full featured remote control. .

9) Does it have a full featured control panel on the projector?

Yes. You can control all the projectors functions.

10) What type of warranty does it have?

1 Year limited parts and labor. 90 days on the battery.
11) Does it have a focus adjustment?

Yes. However does not have a zoom adjustment. Must be physically moved to produce a smaller or larger image.

12) What inputs/ouputs does the projector have?

One input for video signal that accepts a VGA cable, a RCA cable. Also accepts HDMI through a mini HDMI port.

13) Is it compatible with smartphones? Which ones?

Yes, with optional cable. Project images from your PDA or iphone.
14) What files types can be used for a presentation. Document?

Projector comes with software to convert your presentation slides into JPG's or BMP's. Also can play video formats such as AVI, MOV, MP4, 3GP.
15) What light source technology is used in the projector?

The light source is LED technology rated to last 20,000 hours. Most likely will have next generation model before needing to replace.
16) Will it accept HD video sources and what is the highest resolution it will accept?

The highest resolution it will accept is 1280x800 through the VGA adapter. HD video sources are accepted via the mini HDMI port and will accept a 1080i signal.
17) What cables does the projector come with, WHAT  might I need?

The projector comes with one VGA cable to connect your laptop and one RCA cable wiR audioth L/. For S-video you will need an optional cable. Also, a special cable is necessary to connect an iphone, or ipod device. Check with your sales representative before purchase since not all cables are supplied depending on your geographical region.

18) How much outboard memory can be used by the projector?

The projector can accept up to 16GG microSD card.
19) What is the highest brightness in standard mode with just battery and brightness with expansion pack or AC?

Highest brightness is 20 lumens. With expansion battery pack or AC it can produce 50 lumens in Bright Mode.

20) What environment is this projector best suited to be used in?

Dark environments with no ambient light for best viewing.

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