Optoma UHZ65 4K Laser Projector Review – Hardware Tour

UHZ65 4K Home Theater Projector – HARDWARE: Overview, Lens, Inputs and Connectors, Control Panel, Remote

UHZ65 Overview

The UHZ65 is a medium sized home theater projector.  Measuring 19.6 inches wide, 13 deep, and 6 inches high, it’s finished in black with a  silver trim ring around the lens.  It probably won’t win any design awards for style, but it looks good. As seen in the 1st photo above, the air exhaust venting is on the left front corner, if you are facing the projector’s front.

The front feet are adjustable.  The lens is slightly recessed, with manual focus accomplished by rotating the lens edge.  There’s an IR sensor for the remote control on the front, to the right of the lens.

The other lens controls are on the top hidden behind a large door that is described in the section below.

The control panel is also located under that same large door on the top of the projector.  More on that below.

All the inputs and the two rear facing four watt speakers are located on the back of the projector as seen in the 3rd photo above.


The UHZ65 has a 1.6:1 zoom lens, as seen in the first photo above.  The lens is fully manual for focus and zoom.  Focus is adjusted via the outside ring at the front of the lens.  The zoom and lens shift adjustments are accessed thru a pop open door on the top of the projector, as seen in the second photo above.  The third photo shows the zoom adjustment toward the top (toward the front of the projector) and optical lens shift adjustment via the knob just back from the zoom adjustment.  The lens produced good focus over the width of the screen.  However, there was somewhat above average light fall-off, for a home theater class projector, toward the corners of the image.

UHZ65 Inputs and Connectors

UHZ65 Connector Panel


The projector’s rear connector panel is shown in the photo above.  Starting from the left, there’s the power cord receptacle.  For wired networking there’s an RJ45 connector for use with CAT5/6 cables.  No projector is really complete without the traditional RS232 serial port for old school command and control.

Now we get to the inputs, starting with a pair of HDMI inputs.  HDMI 1 is on the left, and is the older HDMI 1.4, while HDMI 2 supports HDMI 2.0, and the matching HDCP 2.2 copy projection that is required to play those 4K Blu-ray UHD movies.

There’s even a traditional VGA port for analog computer output.  Of course, most things these days use HDMI, but should you have an old PC at home, you are covered.

After a space, there is a pair of stereo audio jacks one for input, one for output.  A pair of USBs (one marked with power), a digital audio jack, and a 12 volt screen trigger.

Finally, there is a USB service port and an optical audio port.

Control Panel

UHZ65 controls


UHZ control pad



If Optoma’s goal was to make the control panel nearly invisible.  I’d say they were successful.  They kept the number of buttons to a minimum.  Some companies will add a number of extra buttons for quick access to more features, but, from a practical standpoint, other than installers, we live and die by the remote control.

The power and input source buttons are located along the rear edge of the right side of the projector, as shown in the upper photo above.

The remaining controls, for navigating the projector’s menus, are located behind the pop-open door on the top of the projector.  These buttons are shown in the lower photo above.

Normally you would walk right by, not notice the controls, but for the power indicator light.  That light will be red if the projector is off, or blue if on, and flashing while powering up or down.

The controls are straight forward, but have an odd arrangement by splitting them up in two locations.

Still, it’s perfectly functional.  What it lacks are any “extras” which is not really a problem, as we all pretty much rely on the remote control.

Remote Control

The  supplied remote control provides all of the essential functions and has a rather bright white backlight.  Toward the top are power on and off buttons and below those are 3 User mode buttons.  Below those are a group of buttons for various projector adjustments and just below those are the menu and navigation buttons.  The up/down navigation buttons due double duty by also controlling sound volume for the projector’s internal speakers.  Finally, toward the bottom are buttons for the projector’s signal inputs.

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