UHZ65 Projector Specifications

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  • Dave

    Decent review, thanks Ron! May I ask what gamma setting you used with HDR content?

    • firedrake911

      Dave we’re going to get Ron’s calibration info up soon. Ron’s taken a break due to personal issues.

  • Dick Todd-Barth

    For UHD performance it is stated “Also the lack of the ability to display a wide color gamut, something close the DCI-P3 color space, is needed in order to take full advantage of what UHD has to offer and the UHZ65 is stuck with what is essentially the more limited Rec. 709 color space.” But on uptoma’s website specs it has “HDR Wide Color Gamuts (REC.2020 and DCI-P3) The RGB primaries (real color) utilized in wide color gamut with
    REC.2020 (BR.2020) and DCI-P3 color gamut coverage is the
    equivalent to those used in the CIE 1931 color space (CIE 1931
    color space defines links between “pure physical colors” and
    “perceived” colors of human vision). ” So was this a firmware upgrade done after this review was done? And not tested here?

  • nameless

    How about gaming and input lag time with UHZ65?

    • firedrake911

      Hi nameless, Sorry, I don’t know. Ron did that review because Optoma primarily markets the UHZ65 as a commercial projector. I do almost all of the home projector reviews and am the only reviewer with the input lag hardware to measure. That said, the non-laser UHD65 input lag is, if I recall correctly around 70ms which is definitely slow.

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  • russ

    I have a car dealer that has a theater for his customers while they are waiting for service to complete their vehicles. The projector they currently have goes through lamps very quickly. Can this projector stand up to 12 hours per day use? Are there any consumable items that are involved in it’s operation.

    • ProjectorReviews.com

      Hi Russ, Most laser projectors are built to do digital signage, since that’s a big advantage. In other words, long ours, some are full 24/7. I’m not sure about the UHZ65, but I would expect no problem at all. You could check with Optoma, to make certain. DLPs are normally filter free. I didn’t do the review, but Ron, who did, is gone for a while. Sorry I couldn’t be more help. -art