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Runco LS-10d - Performance 2

Posted on July 17, 2013 by Art Feierman


The optics are very good, the image is nice and sharp, but, this is still a 3 chip projector and there's slight misconvergence. While it's true that the JVC RS60 (with its "hand picked" components), was here right before the LS10d, I'll give the RS60 the slightest advantage in sharpness. I was more "stunned" by the sharpness of the JVC than the Runco, but we're talking about two very nicely sharp projectors. I'm sure most higher end single chip DLP's like Runco's new 2700 lumen LS-HB, will appear a touch sharper, by virtual of no misconvergence of 3 different color panels.

For your consideration, our usual close up images

Top left: Runco LS10, Top Left Center - Runco LS7, Top Right Center - JVC DLA-RS25, Top right - JVC DLA-RS35

2nd row left: Epson Home Cinema 8500UB, center: Panasonic PT-AE4000, right: InFocus IN83

Runco LS-10d
Runco LS-7
Epson Home Cinema 8500UB
Panasonic PT-AE4000

Below: Close up of a computer monitor, from Space Cowboys (Blu-ray), left to right Runco LS10d, Runco LS-7, Epson Home Cinema 8800UB, and BenQ W20000.

Runco LS10d
Runco LS-7
Epson Home Cinema 8800UB
BenQ W20000

Runco LS-10d: Bottom Line Sharpness

Is sharper possible? Sure. Is this Runco sharp enough. Definitely, it looks great on pure digital HDTV content, but, quite honestly, the standard lens does not seem to "feel" as optically sharp as the JVC RS60, which seemed truly exceptional. The JVC's pixel convergence wasn't as good as this Runco's yet it seemed sharper. I suspect that the hand picked JVC lens, is better than the standard, standard lens for this Runco. Will some of the more expensive Runco lenses do better? Probably. By a lot? Not likely.

Click Image to Enlarge

Runco LS-10 Light Leakage

There seems to be very minimal leakage out through the lens of the LS-10d.

The vents of the projector show almost no light, and what little you can see, is not going to be a problem. Next!

Runco LS-10d Audible Noise

When I reviewed the LS-7, without a Runco spec to start with, I pegged it at about 26-27, and maybe lower. Different room now, different conditions. In full power, the Runco is probably 26-27-28 db, based on other projectors I have around here. The Epson 8700UB which also claims under 30 db, is definitely a little more noticeable. Part of that may be the lower pitch of the Runco's fan noise.

Let's say that the Runco does very well for such a bright projector. It's not silent, it might bother someone particularly noise adverse, especially if right overhead, but for the most part, in a good theater (not overly acoustically bright), the LS10d should be just fine, even in full power.

And of course you can get the LS10d a lot quieter by giving up just 18% of it's impressive brightness, if the sound actually gets to you.

Bottom line on audible noise: Good job, but, of course quieter would be even better.

Runco LS-10d Image Noise

I've gotten up and walked closer to the screen a number of times observing the overall noise, and it's impressive. Not sure why, but DLP projectors seem to inherently have a bit more background noise (easiest to see in skys and clouds and light colored fabrics that aren't jumping around the screen). It's not much difference, just a general observation. Well, the point is, this LS-10d seems very clean for a DLP. In about 100 hours of viewing, I haven't noticed any terrible artifacts jumping out and ambushing me.

Of course, I expect nothing less than near flawless image processing, since it is being done by the same DHD4 that processes Runco's high end projectors. I'm sure, like any other high end processing, there are "flaws" somewhere, since there are always trade-offs, and unintended consequences.

As I'm writing this paragraph, I'm taking last looks at the LS-10d, with the Blu-ray Lord of the Rings (Fellowship). For about 5 minutes I've been looking for anything suspect in the processing, and see nothing (from my normal seating distance). Our goal here isn't to analyze the image noise for you, but rather, to say, that it should not be something that most of us should be concerned about.

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