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Runco LS-10d - Review Summary 2

Posted on July 18, 2013 by Art Feierman

Runco LS-10d Projector: Pros, Cons, and Typical Capabilities

Runco LS-10d Projector: Pros

This LS-10d list, I should note, is almost identical to the Pros in the LS-7

  • Excellent Color
  • Roughly 1500 lumens provides a very bright image on screens smaller than about 130" diagonal, and a nice job on even larger screens
  • Black levels indicate "ultra-high contrast" projector performance despite (conservative) 10,000:1 contrast claim.
  • Extremely dynamic image (a lot of "Pop and Wow"), but without looking over the top
  • Very good shadow detail performance
  • Dynamic iris is smooth, without any annoying properties
  • Outputs 24 frame per second sources at 48 fps (not creative interpolation)
  • Very good remote control with excellent range, excellent backlight
  • Excellent color management, as one would expect for a projector of this type
  • Focus, Zoom and Lens shift all motorized
  • Very good menus, nicely laid out
  • Very good documentation (a rarity)
  • Pricey, especially for a 720p, but then 3 chip DLP's do bring a lot to the party, including lots of lumens

Runco LS-10d Projector: Cons

  • Only slightly more lumens in "brightest" mode, than "best" (but considering the brightness, it's hardly a net weakness)
  • Lacks CFI (creative frame interpolation)
  • Limited throw range on standard lens will have a number of owners spending extra
  • Although most reasonable - audible noise could be a little quieter. Not as quiet as most LCD and LCoS projectors
  • Expensive - well by my standards
  • Would have liked to see the other remote as well
  • Missing the Picture-in-Picture feature found on the LS-10i

Runco LS-10d Projector: Typical Capabilities

  • Selection of inputs
  • Lamp life typical: 2000 hours / 3000 hours. While that's been pretty standard, we are seeing more and more longer life claims. It won't be long before 2000/3000 is officially below average

Final thoughts: Everything I watched looked great. One of my friends who's not a stranger to the theater, but generally disinterested in technology, or picture quality, commented after watching the Oscars, something like. "Wow, that was the best looking picture I think I've ever seen here." That's a good way to sum things up, so I'll call it quits.

Above, from Inception (Blu-ray disc)

Congratulations to Runco for such a fine performing projector!

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