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Posted on October 5, 2013 by Art Feierman

rom the front, if you are facing the projector, the first thing you notice, is that the C3X is a highly sculpted (and to me, attractive) projector. Sim2 being an Italian company, the land of Ferrari, and Versace, this is not surprising. That aside, there is a recessed lens and infra red sensor on the front.

Moving to the top, all you will find is a single mechanical (and recessed) knob which controls the projector's vertical lens shift, also a vent. The sides are bare, once again just sculpted lines and curves (and vents).

That takes us to the back of the projector. Hiding there on the upper right of the back panel is your control panel. I relied on the remote, and did not use it, but I'll assume it iss functional. It would seem to me tha most people with a projector in this class will have a room control system, or at least a very good learning remote, to control all of their devices, so the hidden control panel should not be an issue.

here is certainly not an exceptional number of inputs. (I gather that if you need tons of them, the C3X Link version is for you. The C3X does have all the essentials:

There is an HDMI input. Component video is handled by the usual 3 RCA plugs, although there is a 4th, for h/v (horizontal and vertical sync) which could be used as a data input.

For your analog computer, there is a standard HD15 computer input. For screen control there are a pair of 12V outputs, so you can control a motorized screen, and the second one could be used to control a screen mask. Of course, you'll find a regular composite video input (RCA) and S-Video (DIN). There is also a jack to hardwire the remote. An RS-232 is there for command and control and also a USB port. Finally, you'll find The power switch and receptacle for the AC power cord.

Underneath are two screw adjustable rear feet. You can also see the swing out handle center front.

To the front left side, is the lamp compartment door. There is an integrated handle around the front center foot (the foot is not adjustable) that tucks away when not needed. How often someone needs a handle on a projector that is almost certain to be mounted, I surely don't know, but it's there.

One note, Sim2 recommend that there be at least 2 and 9/16 inches clearance between the bottom of the projector (which is inverted) and the ceiling, for ventilation. If you use a 3rd party mount, it also must not block the bottom vent.

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