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SIM2 Nero 3D-2 Projector - Competitors

Posted on July 19, 2013 by Art Feierman

Nero 3D-2 vs. Sony VPL-VW95ES

Very interesting. Two excellent projectors, of course. The Nero 3D-2, of course, is far more expensive. It also offers more placement flexibility by virtue of a choice of 3 lenses. On the other hand, the Sony offers motorized vertical and horizontal lens shift, compared to the SIM2's manual, vertical only shift.

From a "what makes this one really special" perspective, the Sony, I said repeatedly, calibrated great, and offered excellent color and skin tones. I mean there are plenty of projectors out there that, on paper, should look as natural, but the Sony delivers on that.

Except - the SIM2, without a doubt is even better. It may be nothing more than the perceived difference between a great single chip DLP (the important term - is DLP), vs. an LCoS projector. On the flip side, the Sony does have the better black levels. Theirs are truly impressive, a cut above almost anything else, whereas the Nero 3D-2's ultra high contrast quality blacks are just that, good for the class, but hardly groundbreaking.

Both the Sony VPL-VW95ES and the SIM2 Nero 3D-2 are sold through supporting dealers. The SIM2 ones, though are more likely to be very high end with advanced design capabilities, etc. for designing and building out your theater or media room. That's not to say that some Sony dealers aren't in the same league (or even carry both brands), but overall, Sony dealers span a wider range in terms of services and abilities, starting lower end (and probably less expensive, when it comes to a basic installation).

SIM2 Nero 3D-2 vs. Mitsubishi HC9000D

This comparison is similar to the one above. The thing is this, both the HC9000D and the Sony VPL-VW95ES are very similar in price and performance, but the newer Sony, we give the advantage to. Once again, the advantage, if you don't mind the over 3 times the price, is definitely with the SIM2, whose 3D is also superior. Whereas the Sony, though, has noticeably better black level performance than the SIM2 Nero 3D-2, the SIM2 and the Mitsubishi are about the same in that regard.

SIM2 Nero 3D-2 vs. Runco LS-10

The Nero 3D-2 falls price wise, between the two Runco 3 chip 1080p LightStyle projectors - the LS-10i and 10d.

The difference betweeen the two Runco versions (besides about $6000), is the outboard processor, and the extra benefits and minor image improvements it offers.

That puts the Nero 3D-2, at just under $25,000, right in between the two versions.

Like the Nero 3D-2, I absolutely raved about the skin tones, and overall color of the Runco LS-10 projector.

The core difference, though is features vs brightness, and single chip vs. 3 chip.

No doubt about it, the Runco LS-10 is the dramatically brighter projector when calibrated. No contest, you can own a far larger screen. The Runco offers 1465 lumens D65 calibrated, over double the SIM2's 669 lumens!

Also consider the LS10 is 2D only (doesn't need even more brightness for 3D), so there's nothing to stop you from going to a really large screen. I mean 140" or 150" diagonal should not be a problem for the Runco.

If you wanted the SIM2 and 3D, as an alternative to the LS10, then probably look to that 3D-HB, which we would hope can manage at least 1000 lumens calibrated, about half way between the 3D-2 and the LS10.

BTW, single chip DLP's will still have the edge in ultimate sharpness between these guys. 3 chip DLP's like LCoS and 3LCD still have to align three light beams, with some minor misconvergence.

Both SIM2 and Runco have many models. It's also incredibly unlikely that one dealer would be authorized for both lines. Therefore, ultimately your decision between SIM2 and Runco, may well be in part which company has the best match for your room, but, likely, your decision will also be significantly based on which dealer you really want to use.

Remember of course that these Runco projectors are 2D only. Someone wanting both 3D and tons of brightness in this price range, won't find both, in either the Nero 3D-2 or the LS10. The Nero 3D-HB, though might be one solution, another might, for example, be the LS10 combined with a lower cost, very bright projector just for 3D use. (I'm thinking projectors like the 3LCD Epsons and Panasonic, or the BenQ W7000, all capable of a raw 1500 - 2000 lumens or so, for 3D)!

Your friendly SIM2 or Runco dealer will be happy to design you a two projector room, I'm sure (and a few plasmas too for your complete fantasy football/sports book experience, if that's what turns you on).

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