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SIM2 Nero 3D-2 Projector - Physical Tour 2

Posted on July 19, 2013 by Art Feierman

SIM2 Nero 3D-2 Menus

Some aspects of the SIM2 menus are laid out differently than most folks in the US are used to seeing. I attribute this to SIM2 being an Italian company.

That said, it's got all the usual controls, and most are in similar places. The calibratioin area definitely is laid out differently than any other I've seen.

The first menu, above, is the Picture menu, with the usual basic controls, such as Brightness, Contrast, and Color, plus some items usually found on sub-menus, such as Noise Reduction and the toggle for PureMotion (CFI) and PureMovie (CFI off).

Dynamic Black, a lamp based iris, I believe, has Off and two modes.

The Setup Menu offers the control on the dynamic (Variable) iris, however this control seems to actually set how wide open the iris goes. You might use this if you are in a situation where your image is too bright. There are multiple test patterns available on this menu.

The Memories Menu provides you (or your friendly calibrator/dealer) the ability to save up tosix different "modes" of your settings. For example, Mike calibrated the Nero 3D-2, and saved it in #2, which he labeled 1080P.

For those who like experimenting, and lots of controls to play with, this Nero 3D-2 should keep you most amused!

Our last menu for today, is the Menu menu!

It lets you set the Language for the menus and the various On Screen Displays. In addition you have control of those OSDs (including how long they display), the Help Menu, the list of Sources, and how to set the two programmable function keys F1 and F2.

Bottom Line on Menus: A few things not where expected, but it's all there. The menus are easy to read, though the type is on the small side. No unusual surprises. All considered, a perfectly good menu setup.

On the other hand, I would expect most owners of this projector to not use the menus very often. More likely than not, owners will have a full room control system, and likely have direct buttons to any features they (you?) the end user, might need.

Picture Menu

Image Color Management Menu

Image Brilliant Color Menu

Image Menu

Setup Menu

Memories Menu

Language Menu

SIM2 Nero 3D-2 Remote Control

Although not my favorite remote control, the Nero's remote does a respectable job.

Taking a closer look, the backlight button is near the top, on the left, directly across from the power button (red).

Next comes a numeric keypad. This is used first, as your source selection. (i.e., 1 for video, 4 for HDMI1, etc.)

The remote control is a nice one. It's Silver faced (I can never find black remotes in my "cave-like" theater).

Below that are some buttons that I did not find intuitive. On the left a button with a black circle in the center. That's actually the OK, (enter) button. Opposite is the Escape btton. Below, the four arrow keys in a diamond shape.

Below that, the - and + toggle you between menus. Just below, two buttons. The left one takes you into the 3D menu, and the right one brings up the Memories menu.

The last two on the far left, are labeled zoom and focus, but are also labeled F1 and F2 (on the buttons). The Focus and Zoom are the defaults, but you can change them. (Theoretically, once your projector is mounted, zoomed and focused, you won't have any need for those two features unless your need to make changes due to an anamorphic lens). The final 3 buttons to the right of F2 are the Info button (next to F2/Focus). The Aspect Ratio button brings up a quick menu for changing the aspect ratio, and, finally, the button on the far, bottom right, DOESN'T DO ANYTHING! I'll assume that it is used on some other SIM2 projectors.

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SIM2 Nero 3D-2 Lens Throw

SIM2 offers three different lens for this projector. Starting with the T1, which can place the projector as close as 9.9 feet to a 100" diagonal 16:9 screen. With the T3 lens, you can place the front of the projector as far away as 28.3 feet, from the same sized projection screen. Placement is almost continuous through that range, with only slightly more than 1 foot of range out of that 18+ feet of total range, where it can't be placed. Your dealer will naturally optimize the lens selection, based on your room, brightness, placing the projector away from the seating, etc., and other preferences.

Nero Lens Shift

The Nero has a good amount of vertical lens shift. Interestingly, it's controlled from a recessed hex nut on the top of the projector. No easy to access dial or knob, but then this is a projector that is almost certainly going to be installed by a professional installer, who is well trained.

The range of shift is 50% of one screen height. Thus, you have a 0 offset - the projector (center of lens) can be placed anywhere between even with the center of the screen, and even with the top of the screen surface. Per the manual (I did not try), the lens shift is "up" only. As such, to "rear shelf" mount, I would take it, that the Nero 3D-2 would have to be inverted if above the center height of the screen.

Nero 3D-2 Anamorphic Lens

Yes, SIM2 offers full anamorphic lens support for the Nero 3D-2 projector. It can be used with just an anamorphic lens, or with a motorized lens sled as well.

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