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SIM2 Nero 3D-2 Projector - Physical Tour

Posted on July 19, 2013 by Art Feierman

You won't find a much sexier looking projector than the Nero 3D2 for your theater, except perhaps some other SIM2 in a different series.

Below we'll tour you around the SIM2's projector, the remote, and menus.

SIM2 Nero 3D-2 Projector - Appearance

The overall shape of the Nero 3D2 looks almost identical to the famous C3X series of SIM2 3 chip DLP projectors. Those I believe, established SIM2 as a top high end player. (We reviewed the old flagship 720p C3X several years back, pre 1080p.)

The Nero comes in a flat black (extremely dark grey)? case that feels almost rubberized. I like the looks, and I even like the feel of the projector as I have moved it from testing to theater and back a couple of times.

Let's start at the front, with the off center (recessed) zoom lens. The case extrudes and surrounds the lens, so I'll go with "recessed".

Follow the curves to the top where there are more curves, and a single hole, with a recessed hex nut for adjusting the vertical lens shift. Other than vents and feet, everything else is on the back panel, which has all the inputs and connections, and also the small, but capable control panel.

SIM2 Nero 3D-2 Control Panel

The Nero 3D-2's control panel is located on the back of the projector, below the inputs on the left side. It consists of eight buttons and some indicator lights.

As you can see below, the power button is small (as are the other buttons). Below it, is the Escape button. The four navigation arrows are to the right of those two, and are organized in a diamond shape.

Further to the right, is the Menu button, and below it, the Source button. You can see the off indicator lamp (red) which changes to green when powered up.

All considered, a small affair, meant primarily to be used by installers. Once this SIM2 projector ends up on your ceiling, it's not likely you'll ever use the panel. Control panels on projectors are used more often with projectors that end up on a table top, or get moved around. No issues at all with the control panel.

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Below, you can see the entire back panel, including the small control panel in the lower left corner. The SIM2 Nero 3D-2 has a good complement of inputs, but, other than possessing three, yes, count them, 3! 12 volt triggers, the options for the Nero projector are pretty standard.

There is, of course, the usual two HDMI 1.4a inputs (top left). Further to the right, are the 3 color coded RCA jacks for a component video input, and next to them, a white RCA jack labeled HV for an RGBS sync signal, if needed.

Next is a DIN input for the external 3D emitter, and to its right, the last RCA jack (yellow) for composite video.

As we continue moving right, next is an HD15 connector labeled Graphics RGB, which, if this Italian projector was made in the US, would read Computer Input, or something similar. This is your standard analog computer input, and it should be able to function as a 2nd component video input, if that's your need. Next are the command and control jacks including a USB and an RS-232. Both are there for your command and control needs, and either can be used to update firmware as needed.

Moving to the short second row, you'll find the three screen triggers below the HDMI inputs, and above the control panel.

Why three screen triggers, you ask? The idea is one for your motorized screen, if you have one. The second one could be used for controlling a screen masking system, and the third Nero 3D-2 projector screen trigger would be used for controlling the motorized sled of an anamorphic lens.

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