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SIM2 Nero 3D-2 Special Features 2

Posted on July 19, 2013 by Art Feierman

SIM2 Nero 3D-2 Gamma Modes

The SIM2 Nero 3D-2 has three different gamma setups: Dynamic, Natural, and Parametric. Parametric allows you to set the level desired - such as the normal 2.2, or 2.4.

Of note, Dynamic lifts the dark areas, for more shadow detail. Here is an example of each:




Nero 3D2 Brilliant Color

As expected, the SIM2 implementation of Brilliant Color, is relatively subtle, whereas with many projectors, Brilliant Color can be not just dynamic, but sometimes over the top. Texas Instruments - the DLP folks, provide a "Brilliant Color" engine, that DLP projector manufacturers can modify and set up the way they want to. Here's a cropped image from the movie Red. You can see differences in the ribbons and if you look closely, you can see Brilliant Color is a touch less smooth on skin tone transitions in Bruce Willis' face.

Brilliant Color On
Brilliant Color Off

One more pair of images Off, then On. Note the reds are more realistic with Brilliant Color off, as turning BC on is a bit cooler. Still you can see that the sky and image overall is a bit more dynamic looking with it on:

Brilliant Color Off
Brilliant Color On


Creative Frame Interpolation works very well. PureMotion is SIM2's name for it. It behaves like most other projector's Low setting, would be my guess. As usual, I don't recommend using it for movies if you care about "the director's intent". I would guess that most people don't use it for movies. I don't. It changes things - too much, for my taste, but then that's true of all CFI's.

Image: Leeloo, from The Fifth Element

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SIM2 Lamp Characteristics

Unlike most projectors that offer a full power and a lower power "Eco-mode", the Nero 3D-2 offers six settings each slightly different. 280 watts is full power, 230 watts is the lowest power. You can choose any wattage in between, in increments of 10 (240, 250...).

The thing to note of greatest importance, is that as a single chip DLP projector, the Nero 3D-2 is not particularly quiet in terms of fan noise.

At full power, it's right up there with other projectors that seem to be around 30 db.

If you drop the power down from 280 (past 270) to 260, the fan does kick down a notch. It's not a dramatic improvement, but definitely a couple few db. The fan noise will drop still further by 230, but even then, this isn't a particularly quiet projector with many other projectors quieter in their eco modes, and with some projectors still quieter at full power, than the SIM2 at the 230 watt setting.

In smaller rooms, I'm pretty sure most folks will have their projectors at 260 watts to help control the noise.

Time to look at the (external) hardware, the remote control and the SIM2 3D-2 projector's menus.

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