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SIM2 Nero 3D-2 Projector - Performance

Posted on July 19, 2013 by Art Feierman

On this page we take a look at the Nero 3D-2 projector's brightness, sharpness, and image noise. We'll discuss brightness in conjunction with 3D usage, as well. Also considered here are the physical attributes of light leakage and audible noise.

Pre-calibration Settings
Contrast (47) 66
Brightness (50) 53
Color (50) 49

Settings for measurements (default values are in parenthesis):

These setting were applied to each of the color temps, when measured
All other settings at default (untouched)
Measurements taken with lamp at 280 (max) power setting unless otherwise noted..

SIM2 Nero 3D-2 Brightness

Lumen Output and Color Temp at 100 IRE (mid zoom)
Standard 666 @ 7223
High 675 @ 10601
Medium 772 @ 8702
Low 637 @ 7456
Native 825 @ 8437
D75 729 @ 8726
D65 669 @ 7134
D50 586 @ 5603
C 610 @ 7817
User 637 @ 7448

We'll start of with Mike's results measuring each of the many "preset modes". Also included was the measured color temp for white, for each mode.

I didn't really view the 3D-2 projector before Mike calibrated it, although I've flipped through the various Color Temp modes.

There isn't a huge difference between calibrated results, and the brightest mode (Native), about 35%. Native mode was not bad looking at all, but definitely cool, with reds definitely a bit thin.

SIM2 Nero 3D-2 Brightness: Calibrated (zoom at mid-point): 605

SIM2 Nero 3D-2 Brightness: " Brightest" mode - Native mode: 825

It is important to note that which lens is chosen does affect brightness. The T-2 lens provided to me, is not their brightest.

Effect of zoom on lumen output (Native)
Zoom out 881
Mid-zoom 825
Zoom in 749

The lens does not drop significantly in brightness, between wide and tele.

Lumen Output at each lamp power setting (Native)
280 watt 825
270 watt 786
260 watt 741
250 watt 666
240 watt 622
230 watt 587

The projector can be run in any of these six brightness settings. The fan pitch changes and the projector gets quieter as you lower the brightness.

Color Temp over IRE Range, Best mode (D65)
30 IRE 7049
50 IRE 7060
80 IRE 7099
100 IRE 7134

Not surprising for a premium projector, even the default grayscale is exceptionally consistent, although the measurements all hover right around 7100K, rather than the ideal 6500K.

Effect of iris on lumen output (Native mode)
Iris on 100 (fully open) 825
Iris on 50 (mid range) 750
Iris 0n 0 (smallest opening) 644

I was unable to ascertain if the effect of the manual closing of the iris, maintains or reduces the dynamic range of the image.

SIM2 Nero 3D-2 Projector - Post Calibration Greyscale

Color Temp over IRE Range (User mode)
20 IRE 6522
30 IRE 6519
40 IRE 6552
50 IRE 6496
60 IRE 6550
70 IRE 6502
80 IRE 6491
90 IRE 6488
100 IRE 6461

Average gamma = 2.27

Lumens at 100 IRE:            605

Mike's Notes:  Grayscale calibration affects the full IRE range, but the RGB balance is so consistent across the range that excellent results can be achieved.  The color temperature choices and white point adjustments are listed as color management, but there is no true color management available, at least not in the menu.  The Rec. 709 CIE chart shows accurate primary colors, while the secondaries are slightly off.

The Calibration page provides the settings we used. That includes basic settings as well as gain and offset.

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