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Sony VPL-VW1000ES Projector - Performance 4

Posted on July 26, 2013 by Art Feierman

Sony VPL-VW1000ES: Bottom Line Sharpness

Nothing like 4K!  And we projector owners deserve this higher resolution.  Even on 1080p content this Sony will appear clearer and sharper than any projector I've seen with "2K" panels.  We have a second comparison for you here:

Below consider these two sets of images.  The first is the Sony PS3 logo photographing the projection from the VW1000ES.  The second one is the JVC DLA-X70R, about 1/3 the price, but also about as good as a sub-$10,000 projector gets.  The images were taken at different times, and as is common, the actual size of the icon is different in the two images.

Still, click on each image for the larger versions, and compare.  Can you say "No Contest!"?  The Sony is obviously the sharper image even if the JVC looks pretty darn good, doing JVC's idea of "4K" (I'll call it emulation.)  JVC accomplishes it by using 2K sized pixels but doing each frame twice with essentially an offset of 1/2 pixel diagonally.  Interesting concept, and technically 4K worth of pixels, its just that those pixels are EACH, 4 times the size of the pixels of the Sony!  It's sort of like trying to draw a detailed image first, painting with your finger tip (Sony), then doing the same image again painting with a 1 inch diameter pad (JVC).


Image Sharpness


VW1000ES Light Leakage

Previous VW series Sonys had no light leakage that I noticed.  The VPL-VW1000ES projector vents out the back, and not even there is there any noticeable light leakage. I'd have to say that at this price point you are entitled to all the details (like light leakage being taken care of).  Sony has succeeded in this area.


VPL-VW1000ES Image Noise

Any image noise is pretty minimal.  Some slow panning shudder that has been noticed on the lower cost Sony's does not seem to be present here.  Overall, nicely clean as we expect from today's projectors. There are various noise controls but I never felt the need to engage any of them, except for the Reality Creation feature (2K to 4K upscaling).


Sony VPL-VW1000ES Audible Noise

Impressively quiet.  Forget the db measurements.  I've been living with this projector for 150+ hours of viewing sitting no more than 3 feet from the lens, and the only time I've noticed the fan noise is when the sound is off.

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