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Optoma HD73 Projector Review - General Performance-6

Posted on March 20, 2007 by Art Feierman


Interestingly, the first HD73 with color temp at 1 (Cinema mode), performed almost identically to the second HD73 with color temp at 0. Below are the numbers for Cinema mode, color temp 0, on the HD73 #2:

The numbers are after minor adjustments to slightly lower the color temp, and to increase green's slightly.

100IRE (white) 6619
80IRE 6698K
50IRE 6735K
30IRE 6570K

(The goal is to have all levels of gray/white at 6500K)

This was accomplished by changing the Advanced RGB settings to:
Bias Red=0
Green 0
Blue 1(those are the same as the color temp 1 default)
Red -10(instead of -11)
Green -10 (instead of -11)
Blue 11 (default)

The Optoma's Contrast and Brightness settings were essentially dead on, +/- 1 of the defaults.

Image Noise

Last topic. If you look closely into the dark areas of an image, you will find some noise. This is typical of DLP projectors as compared to LCD models. The noise levels on the HD73 are very typical of DLP projectors, and I have not found the noise to be an issue. Running the Silicon Optix HQV test disk, the HD73 performed very well overall, with passing grades on all noise and jaggie tests.

That raps up this section. As you have read, there are some issues, mostly ergonomic ones, with the HD72. If none of them is a problem for your particular installation, the HD72 should be at or near the top of your short list.

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