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Optoma HD73 Projector Review - Image Quality-5

Posted on March 20, 2007 by Art Feierman

Remember, the exposures are exactly the same. (The menu is blown out, because the overall images are overexposed so that you can see more of the differences.

Now I realize that I'm using a lot of space scenes for all this, but please understand, dark scenes in any movie have the same issues, so basically any night scene, or really dark rooms. For example, here is an image of Clint Eastwood in his workroom in Space Cowboys, with only a small table light on. The room is extremely dark with lesser projectors showing no information in most of the scene.

Optoma HD73 5thElement starfield
Optoma HD73 5thElement starfieldwmenu
Optoma HD73 spacecowboys clint darkLarge
JVC RS-1 spacecowboys clintdarkroomLarge

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