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Optoma HD73 Projector Review - Image Quality-2

Posted on March 20, 2007 by Art Feierman

If you worked your way through these images, and some of the others on competing projectors, you get the feeling that the HD73 is about in the middle when it comes to sharpness. Now let's put that in perspective.

Since you are likely to be limited to a 100" diagonal screen, consider where you are sitting. Chances are, that any difference between the Optoma and the sharpest of the 720p's is slight, certainly so, compared to any of the 1080p projectors.

Optoma HD73 warnerbrosLarge
Pro Cinema 810 WarnerBros closeup
SanyoZ5 warnercloseup

Click to enlarge. SO close

HD73 Black Levels and Shadow Detail

Despite the Darkchip3, the black levels are not world class. There are other DC3 powered projectors out there that produce blacker blacks. That said, the HD73's performance seems to exceed any of the Darkchip2 projectors in the price range. This was also true for the Optoma HD7100 which also uses a DC3. It had good blacks, but definitely not as good as, say, the BenQ PE-8720, which I currently own.

Let's start with shadow detail. The first image is from Phantom, the second one, is the same image overexposed. You can, as with most images, click for larger versions:

Click Image to Enlarge

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