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Optoma HD73 Projector Review - Image Quality-6

Posted on March 20, 2007 by Art Feierman

The exposures aren't quite the same, with the Optoma a touch darker overall, but look at the huge difference in Clint's face, and especially in the walls behind him. Even with more detail and a slightly brighter exposure, the black areas to the right are blacker on the JVC.

This image from Aeon Flux is also available on a number of other $2000 price range projectors. Look to the detail in the table, including the shadows cast.

Click to enlarge. SO close

Enough - the Optoma HD73 performs very well on black levels and shadow detail. It may not be able to match some of the dynamic iris projectors on really dark scenes with no bright areas, but on most dark scenes it will outperform almost all if the similarly priced competition.

Click Image to Enlarge

Optoma HD73 - General Image Quality

The Optoma HD73 starts with very good color out of the box, and as noted, with just minor adjustments gets better. Here's what you can expect (of course it will look a lot better and larger in your darkened room, without the loss of shadow detail and some "crushed near whites" (that come out white), that comes from the whole photography process.

These first few are from a DTS/Blue-Ray demo disk. They should blow you away!

OK, that pretty much does it! Hopefully you all can still see straight! Our General Performance section is next. There you can learn about the menu system, remote control, Audible noise, projector brightness, projector screen recommendations and much more.

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