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Optoma HD73 Projector Review - Image Quality-4

Posted on March 20, 2007 by Art Feierman

Some additional favorite "dark images" for your consideration, starting with these from Sin City (standard DVD).

Here's an image below, that is going to be a regular for looking at shadow detail (again from Space Cowboys). In this case, the first image is from the Optoma HD73 projector, click on it, and the enlarged version is significantly overexposed. Look to how much detail there is on the right side. Immediately below that is the same basic image from the best projector we have ever tested in terms of shadow detail, the $6295 JVC RS1.

Optoma HD73 spacecowboys reentryOverLarge
JVC DLA-RS1 spacecow boys re-entryOverLarge

Click to enlarge. SO close

A pretty amazing difference - between a very good under $2000 projector and the best under $10,000 projector. You really appreciate it on the large screen. With the Optoma, much of the far right just looks flat - dark gray no details at all, while the JVC produces significant dark detail, and no sense of a large chunk of the screen being free of information. Also, the blacks themselves are much blacker!

Click Image to Enlarge

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