Projector Reviews

Stewart Deluxe Wallscreen Fixed Frame Screen Review

Stewart Filmscreen has been around for more than 70 years and operates from their home base in Torrance, California.  They started off supplying projection screens to the movie industry and are still today the leading supplier of projection screens to the Hollywood movie studios.  Stewart Filmscreen offers a truly extensive line-up of screen types, including both motorized drop down models and fixed frame models (the type used for this review) that are intended for home theater use.  Their commercial products includes models intended for just about every application including studio post production and screening rooms, large venues/auditoriums, education, simulation, theme parks, etc. The […]

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Vapex ProjectoScreen 120HD Screen Review

The folks at Visual Apex have been offering screens under their Vapex moniker for a number of years now.  We blogged about one of them two or three years ago.  This time around, I decided to take a look at one of their screens that they said provides a large image and is suitable for both inside and outside use, home or business.  My focus though, is as an outdoor screen for those backyard movie parties, although I’ll comment on other uses as well.    Today’s projector screen review is of their ProjectoScreen 120HD.  There’s even a larger version at 144″ diagonal. […]

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Screen Innovations Black Diamond II 1.4 Fixed Frame Projector Screen Review

As it turns out, the Black Diamond II 1.4 screen, according to SI, is an excellent 3D material, for those using or planning a 3D projection setup. I was unaware of that, until right after we returned the Black Diamond to Screen Innovations, following this review. Since I’m working with 3D projectors now, SI is sending us another Black Diamond II 1.4 screen, asap, so I can comment on it’s abilities to work with projectors like LG’s CF3D, the first 1080p 3D projector for the home, that’s shipping. I will blog and update this review after we’ve tested the 3D […]

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