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Home Theater Projector Reviews: JVC DLA-RS1 1080p LCOS Projector: Summary, Pros, Cons 3


  • Overall, eye-popping rich images, with tremendous “wow factor”, and lots of saturation, including almost amazing performance on dark intense colors
  • “Blackest” black levels of any projector reviewed to date
  • A natural “15,000:1 contrast ratio, without needing a dynamic iris
  • Superb shadow detail (best to date).
  • Excellent grayscale “color” temperature consistancy over IRE range (from white to very dark grays)
  • Above average brightness in “best” (Cinema) mode
  • Extremely good out of the box performance
  • Wide range zoom lens for great placement flexibility
  • Vertical and Horizontal lens shift with exceptional range for great placement flexibility
  • Neutral grays for black and white (such as the opening scenes from Phantom)
  • Really good remote control
  • Good menus
  • 2 HDMI inputs
  • 3 User savable settings
  • Good manual (better than most)
  • Lamp replacement without unmounting projector
  • Good looking unit
  • Overall ease of setup and use
  • Pure performance, and price performance


  • Not very bright in “brightest” (Dynamic) mode
  • HDMI 1.2, not 1.3 (this is the first time I’m listing this in a review as an issue, now that there is one projector shipping with 1.3
  • Fan noise is a bit noisy in High Power, and definitely noisy in High Power – High Altitude mode
  • It could be just a touch sharper
  • Lacks some aspect ratio control in 16:9
  • No aspect ratio support for an anamorphic lens
  • Lacks a computer input (3rd party solutions exist through HDMI, for a couple/few hundred dollars)
  • No traditional overscan control (but Mask feature addresses the issue in a non-traditional manor.
  • Lamp life – on the low side: 2000 hours even in low power lamp mode.
  • No 12 volt screen trigger

JVC DLA-RS1 Typical Capabilities

  • Warranty (2 years parts/labor)
  • Noise levels overall; at quietest, on of the quieter projectors, at full power not as noisy as the loudest.
  • 3 User memory settings (more would be nice)
  • Number/type of Inputs
  • Sharpness


Perhaps the most significant thing I can say about the JVC RS1, is that, as things stand right now, the RS1 is at the top of my list to replace my 720p BenQ PE8720 projector in my theater.

Although I haven’t made my final decision, and may not for a few more weeks, I have no doubt that I will , thoroughly enjoy watching it in my own theater room, and be dazzled by it or a long time to come (a year or two – I do need to stay “current”).

The JVC RS1 is certainly a great projector for movie “purists” on the hunt for the ultimate in picture quality. At the same time, it seems to look good on just about everything I have thrown at it. Even watching Boston Legal, or parts of the last Superbowl, which I have permanently stored in HDTV on my DVR, looked great!

Like other projectors, there are features (and therefore benefits), that could further improve it, such as those I mentioned (more brightnes in brightest mode, perhaps a slight bit sharper, etc.), but overall, the RS1 produces such an exceptional picture, that few will find reasons not to choose the RS1, if their budget allows.

In the past LCOS projectors (like LCD projectors) have never been known for particularly ood black levels, one reason why the Sony Pearl, for example, relies on a dynamic iris to generate excellent black levels. JVC, however, with the RS1 has apparently come up with a way to dramatically increase the contrast performance of the LCOS (D-ILA) chips.

The JVC DLA-RS1 not only earns our Hot Product Award, but seriously raises the bar, for future 1080p projectors. I would have to say, that had the RS1 been the first of the “affordable” 1080p home theater projectors to ship, instead of hitting the market about 5 months after the first (Optoma HD81), I suspect there would be a few less Hot Product Award 1080p projectors on this site.

Congratulations to the team at JVC, that developed the RS1, for bringing to market what I consider a breakthrough projector. It not only has exceptional performance, but manages to combine it with one of the most versatile projectors in terms of ergonomics and room placement. Although an expensive projector, it is worth every dollar!