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JVC DLA-RS1 1080p LCOS Home Theater Projector Review – Image Quality 4

Click enlarge. So close. Below is the side by side of the same frame with the Sony (JVC on left). Click for a larger image, and one that is overexposed so you can see more. That first small almost triangular dark opening is definitely more distinct on the JVC, and again, the Sony is less distinct, more like the Optoma HD81 (and BenQ W10000).

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IThe Panasonic PT-AE1000U also performs similarly to the Optoma, coming up short too, compared to the RS1. (Refer to the Panasonic review for that image.)

Click enlarge. So close. When it comes to shadow detail, it’s not all about really dark scenes, quite often it’s about seeing details in darker sections of what are otherwise bright scenes. Here is a new image set, (from Space Cowboys HD-DVD), that I will be using going forward. For your consideration, I have shot this image set on both the JVC and Sony.

Now this is a nice bright frame. We are going to look, however, at the shadow detail in the part of the spacecraft on the left.

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In the darkest areas, you can see details on the JVC, just lost or too murky to make out on the Sony. On the side by side screens, the differences were even greater. Had I overexposed the images a bit more, more details should have been revealed! -sorry.


Black Levels and Shadow Details - Comparison 1

Sony VW50