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JVC DLA-RS1 1080p LCOS Home Theater Projector Review – Image Quality 7

JVC RS1 Sharpness

Traditionally, my experience has been that LCOS projectors are not exceptional at sharpness. Now part of this may tie to the fact that LCOS projectors have, for all practical purposes, invisible pixel structures – totally invisible at any normal seating distance. This, in itself, compared to DLP, or LCD, may give the feeling of a touch of softness, but the LCOS projectors may still reveal as much fine detail as the others, where the pixel structure is slightly visible, or just below visibility at normal seating.

Conjecture as I may, the JVC, overall had very good sharpness. I consider it to be almost identical to the Sony Pearl, in fact I can barely tell them apart in sharpness. Most of the time, when viewing side by side, I considered them a tie. (This when looking for differences in sharpness). Let’s say it was a tie 65% of the time, then I felt that the JVC was sharper (by a tiny amount) 25% of the time and the Sony appeared sharper (by a hair) 10%.

In other words, a tie, for all practical purposes. Both the Optoma HD81 and BenQ W10000 to me, seam a little bit sharper. The Mitsubishi HC5000, seems the sharpest of them all, but it also has the most visible pixel structure (along, possibly the Epson, which hopefully will be under review next week). As a result, the Mitsusbishi gives the immediate impression of best sharpness, but doesn’t really back that up with the ability to resolve finer detail, just the pixel masks impacting perception. (whoa – I sure hope that made sense -art)

JVC RS1 Sharpness - Comparison