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JVC DLA-RS1 1080p LCOS Home Theater Projector Review – Image Quality 9

Going forward that has been solved, starting with this review. The addition of Blu-ray capability lets me feed the projectors 1080p, solving the problem. To start I have two images which I not only shot on the JVC, but also the Sony VW50 before returning it to Sony. One is from the DTS Blu-Ray demo disk below, and the other, the monitor image from Space Cowboys (which I now also own on Blu-ray). One downside, is that Blu-ray lacks the bookmark feature so handy with HD-DVD, which allows me to always show you the same frame, from one projector to the next. Oh well, always trade-offs, right? Here is a thumbnail of the full DTS screen. Click on it for a closeup of about 20% of the screen area. For your consideration, click on the second thumbnail for similar image from the Sony Pearl.

JVC RS1 Sharpness - Comparison 2

Sony VW50

Sharpness summary

Overall the JVC DLA-RS1 produces a competitively sharp image for a 1080p projector. I consider it to be not quite as sharp as the two DLP’s we’ve reviewed (the Optoma HD81 and BenQ W10000), and we consider it virtually identical to the Sony Pearl, with, perhaps the slightest edge. I’d also consider it about even with the Panasonic PT-AE1000U. The Mitsubishi HC5000 is sharper, but a “standard” LCD projector, it’s pixel structure is still slightly visible on bright large areas at the closer range of normal seating, so some of the HC5000’s sharpness is “perceived” but not necessarily producing more detail

And that’s a very good point. The two LCOS projectors – the JVC RS1, and Sony Pearl, seem to resolve as much detail as the DLP’s, but the DLP’s give that slightly sharper feel. Personally, I’d like that extra sense of sharpness, but it is questionable if it is possible with a projector who’s underlying pixel structure is much less significant than the DLP projectors.

That raps up the longest Image Quality section yet. If you made it down this far, congratulations, time for General Performance!