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JVC DLA-RS1 1080p LCOS Home Theater Projector Review – Image Quality 5

One last image regarding shadow detail – a new one, from Space Cowboys, that I expect to use in future reviews. As you look at the large image (click), note that the planet gets darker and darker moving to the right, and it gets harder to make out details. This should prove to be very good test, and many projectors will basically have most of the entire right 25% appear flat with no detail. The second image is overexposed so that you can see what detail the projector actually reveals.

Black Levels and Shadow Details - Comparison 2

Normal Frame
Over Exposed Frame

OK, I think I have made my point – that the JVC RS1 has the best black levels yet, in an under $10,000 1080p projector. In my opinion (pending the chance to work with the SIM2 models), the best period short of a 3 chip DLP (and I have no reason to believe they can do better.).

But I have more images, so here goes. The Lord of the Rings “watchfire” image, the small, normally exposed one, for the larger, overexposed one. Note the detail in the darkest areas, such as the post on the far left, or the upper areas in the shed.

Black Levels and Shadow Details - Comparison 3

Watchfire Normal Exposed Frame
Watchfire Over Exposed Frame