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JVC DLA-RS1 1080p LCOS Home Theater Projector Review – Image Quality 6

I have often includes this image below, from Lord of the Rings – a night scene from Gondor. If you click on this image, this time you will get an overexposed closeup of the far left third of the frame. When watching this on the JVC, for the first time, I could make out more than the snow covered mountains, but could actually see the contours of the fields, as well as colors and detail in the walls. An epiphany, so to speak! Very revealing.

Click enlarge. So close. This review features a number of new images, as I have added to my HD-DVD collection, and also added a Blu-Ray player (Sony PS3, for now). Many of these will be used in future reviews, for comparison purposes, including those from Batman Begins and X-men: The Last Stand, as well as the new DTS-Blu-Ray sample disk.

Batman Begins (HD-DVD) JVC RS1 vs Sony VW50 Pearl:

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JVC RS1 projector, General Image Quality

A break from these dark images, to show you some of the capabilities of the RS1 on more typically lit frames. After you get a chance to peruse these, the last part of this page will deal with the JVC’s image sharpness.

The JVC DLA-RS1 simply produces stunning imagery. Colors are rich and fully saturated, shadow detail is all there, and the ability to produce the blackest blacks yet, combine to produce results that are dynamic, and feel three dimensional. Eye popping performance without an demonstrable weaknesses is perhaps the best way to describe the JVC RS1.