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JVC DLA-RS1 1080p Home Theater Projector Review – General Performance 2

JVC DLA-RS1 SDE and Rainbow Effect

Perfect – or almost. There is no rainbow effect – which is caused by the spinning color wheel in single chip DLP projectors. The JVC is a three chip LCOS, so it’s not even a relevant issue.

SDE, or screen door effect, is the patterning caused by the fixed pixels of the projector, creating a pattern with the data being viewed. This has long been described as like viewing through a screen door. The larger the pixel size, the more likely. First, as a 1080 resolution home theater projector, the pixel size is very small, but more importantly LCOS projectors like the JVC RS-1 start with the least visible pixel structures of the three major types LCD, DLP and LCOS. As a result, the pixel structure is completely invisible at even the closest acceptable seating distance, and screen door effect is non-existant.

As I stated, the pixel structure is invisible at normal distances. Here is a closeup of the “usual” cable guide. the thumbnail shows the entire guide, and clicking on it gives you a large image of an extremely small area in the bottom center. Click on the second thumbnail for a similar enlarged image of the BenQ W10000 – a typical DLP 1080p when it comes to pixel structure.

In reality, none of the 1080p LCOS or DLP projectors have an issue with visible pixel structure at any reasonable seating distance. This is an issue only for typical 1080p LCD projectors as well as all 720p and lower resolution projectors.

JVC DLA-RS1 SDE and Rainbow Effect - Comparision

BenQ W10000

JVC DLA-RS1 Light Leakage

The RS1 has no light leakage issues. When you consider how superior this projector is in black levels, any light leaking through the lens, would be dramatic. I do notice slightly brighter areas in the upper left and lower right, but these may just be the normal amount of uneveness of illumination that all projectors suffer. There is also no noticeable light leaking out of the exhaust vents, etc.

Bottom line – no issue here!