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JVC DLA-RS1 1080p LCOS Home Theater Projector Review – Image Quality 1

Those all look pretty good, but are all from standard DVD. The world is definitely fast moving HDTV (far superior to standard DVD in color handling as well as resolution), and hi definition DVDs (Blu-ray and HD-DVD). Let’s look at some images now, from HD-DVD and Blu-Ray.

Click enlarge. So close. By the way, since the JVC and Sony are similar, here is a side by side shot taken of this same frame with the JVC RS1 on the left and Sony Pearl on the right:

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So close. For fun, I created a 2nd copy of the image above, reducing color to what should be closer to how it appears in my theater room:

Click enlarge. So close. Here again, a side by side with the Sony VW50 (Pearl). The RS1 is on the left in all side by side images. I should note, that the JVC is the brighter of the two projectors in their Cinema modes, and you can tell that right:

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Of course, for many, HDTV is almost or equally important for viewing as movies. Although I do not do the grayscale balancing for HDTV that I do for movies, the JVC, without adjustment also does a very decent job on HDTV sources. Of course, adjusting the grayscale would further improve the results. I spent a good deal of time watching HDTV content, and overall I was very pleased, and “eyeballed” some adjustments, although these images were from the default dynamic setting

I think by now you are getting the idea. Flesh tones are overall excellent after only minor adjustments, and (as long as you select Medium color temp to pair with Cinema mode, the skin tones are still great without any other adjustments.