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JVC DLA-RS2 Home Theater Projector: Physical Tour

Posted on December 26, 2007 by Art Feierman

I expect most people buying this projector will have a dedicated room, and probably a fairly dark ceiling or walls, for the projector to blend in nicely. Physically, about the only visible difference between the RS2 and RS1, is that the DLA-RS2 has gold trim around the lens instead of silver, as is on the older RS1. You will also notice the lack of a physical way to adjust focus and zoom, as one of the new features of the DLA-RS2 (and its twin, the DLA-HD100), is power zoom and focus, instead of manual. Facing the RS2, you see a center mounted, recessed zoom lens, and a small infra-red sensor just to its right. On the far left is the exhaust port, and on the far right, the intake. The exhaust port blows hot air out at an angle away from the lens.

Click to Enlarge.So close

The lens is motorized. Having motorized focus is a real plus, as with it, you can stand right next to the screen while focusing, to be sure of the absolute sharpest focus. To fill a 100" diagonal (16:9) screen, the front of the JVC projector can be as close as 9 feet 10 inches or as far back as 19 feet 11 inches. That's slightly more than the actual 2:1 ratio claimed.

Of significant importance, and essentially invisible, because they are recessed into the bottom just below the lens, are two small rotating rings. The one on the right is a manual control for the vertical lens shift, and the one on the left, controls the horizontal lens shift.

On the bottom front of the projector are two screw thread adjustable feet. (Two more at the back bottom).

On the top of the JVC RS2 is a vertical band about two inches wide from front to back center. Within this is the control panel, consisting of small buttons and bars, as seen in this image.

From front to back, there are three indicator lights: Warning, Lamp, and Standby/On.

Immediately after those, is the power button (bar). Once to turn on, twice to power down.

The Input button is next for source selection, followed by a video mute button that blanks the screen (labeled HIDE). Next come two buttons side by side, Menu on the left, Exit on the right, followed by the traditional 4 arrow key layout, with a centered Enter button. And that's the control panel!

Click Image to Enlarge

Moving to the back of the JVC RS2 projector, and its control panel.

I would say that the RS2 is pretty basic, in terms of inputs and outputs.

There are two HDMI inputs (both 1.3 HDMI, up from 1.2 HDMI on the RS1), one component video input (3 RCA jacks), and the usual S-video and composite video inputs. In addition, there is an RS-232 port for command and control from a computer, and the rear infra-red sensor.

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