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JVC DLA-RS2 Shadow Details

Posted on October 11, 2013 by Art Feierman

Great black levels are the key to a home theater projector's ability to produce excellent shadow details, but having superior black levels are not a guaranty that the shadow details will be comparable.

The JVC RS2, does excellent shadow detail. There is a very slight bit of crushing of the darkest shadow details, out of the box. From playing around, it seems perhaps to possibly relate to the gamma control. I found that Theater 1 gamma, or better, manually setting gamma to 2.1 (default is 2.2), helps

Our first image is from Aeon Flux. The table top textures and shadows stand out well. You'll find this image in most reviews, should you wish to compare.

I've got lots of images for your consideration. Sadly, the limitations of m digital SLR are greater than any flaws with the JVC, or the Sony VW60 which you will be able to compare them against.

Click on the left thumbnail for a closeup of the JVC projector, the right for the Sony. The enlarged images are cropped and overexposed. Look to the mountains on the right, and for detail below them.

DLA RS2 LOTR gondornight over
VPL-VW60 LOTR gondor night close

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