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RS2 Projector Measurements and Calibration 2

Posted on December 25, 2007 by Art Feierman

Color Temp set to High:

White (100 IRE) 7921K
Light gray (80 IRE) 8007K
Medium gray (50 IRE 8043K
Low gray (30 IRE) 8043K

That made for better HDTV viewing than the Medium color temperature setting.

In Dynamic Mode I only recorded the color temperature for white

White, Low 6373K
White, Medium 6878K
White, High 7727K

Green, not surprising was even higher than Natural mode, but not overly heavy.

You'll note those are fairly consistant with the different color temperature modes, (High, Medium, and Low)and less affected by the Image Profile (Cinema, Natural, Dynamic).

Enough. The point here is that the out of the box color balance of the Cinema mode, with Color Temperature at Medium is excellent, but can be improved slightly

RS2 Image Noise

I ran the 1080p HQV disc, and found that overall, the RS2 performed excellently. it uses Gennum processing - one of the most highly respected brands of image processing solutions, also used by Marantz, and in some higher end Optoma's. No noteworthy issues detected. Background noise levels are very good, jaggies are not an issue at all, and regular motion artifacts were not a problem.

I have, however read about occasional complaint (on the forums) about motion blur on high speed movement on the RS1, and that would carry through to the RS2 as well, I believe. Now I can easily spot 3:2 pull-down, so its not that. When viewing content originating as 1080p 24fps, where 3:2 pull-down is not needed, if there was motion blur, I couldn't see it. This may be something like rainbow effect, where some are more sensitive than others. Of the emails I've received from owners, none have mentioned it, but... if like rainbow effect, it may only affect a very tiny portion of the population.

Theoretically, motion blur would come from the relatively slow speed at which the LCoS panels (or LCD panels) work at, compared to DLP. (Motion blur is also occasionally reported on LCD home theater projectors.) I wonder, however, if some of the reports are people seeing 3:2 pull-down. I'll keep looking for motion blur, and I'll let you know if/when I find some.

JVC RS2 - Other Features, Benefits and Issues

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