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JVC's DLA-RS2: Viewing HDTV

Posted on December 25, 2007 by Art Feierman
As soon as we start talking HDTV, the game changes. Now ambient light becomes an issue, because most people don't want to watch TV, and especially sports, "in a cave".

All but the last image were, in this case, photographed in the evening with ambient lighting set very low (definitely below the level needed to read a book or newspaper). For the last image (from a bowl game on tonight), I took the lights up to what would be sufficient to read, but still "modest to moderate". The last image gives you a accurate idea of the room lighting.

JVC RS2 Picture Quality - Bottom Line:

Outstanding! But, of course I'm biased. I have felt the RS1 was the best projector around when it came to picture quality, and the one to beat. The RS2 is so much like the RS1 at just about everything, but, it is better. My initial impression when turning it on was that the RS2 has more "pop" or "wow", than the RS1, that is, more depth and sizzle. The RS1 is a bit more subdued. In fact, while most of the other reviews of the RS1 by other reviewers also felt it was the best around (under $10,000), more than once people said some of the DLP projectors had more depth and wow factor. I don't think the RS2, however will have anyone saying that. The combination of darkest blacks, and plenty of color dynamics, yield a stunning image.

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